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Quote from Phoebe in The One with Rachel's Date

Monica: So now I'm not allowed to fire him?
Phoebe: You can't fire him and dump him in the same day, he'll kill himself.
Monica: Well then, I'll fire him today and you go out with him for another week.
Phoebe: Are you kidding? Another week with that simp, I'll kill myself.


‘The One with Rachel's Date’ Quotes

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: So he calls me Toby once in a while. What's the big deal? It could be worse. It's not like he's calling me Muriel.
Ross: Muriel. Why would he call you Muriel? Oh, my God. Chandler "M." Bing. It's not just an "M." Your middle name is Muriel!
Chandler: Ssh. It is a family name.
Ross: Chandler Muriel Bing. Boy, your parents never even gave you a chance, did they?

Quote from Joey

Joey: Dude, what is going on?
Ross: I just have to find out how it went.
Joey: Why?
Ross: This guy could be my baby's stepfather.
Joey: They go on one date and you're worried about them getting married? He's not you!

Quote from Chandler

Chandler: Hey, Bob.
Bob: Hey, Toby. Have a good night.
Ross: Did that guy just call you Toby?
Chandler: Yeah, he thinks that's my name.
Ross: Well, why don't you correct him?
Chandler: Oh, it's been going on way too long now. I mean, the first time he said it, were just passing in the hallway so I didn't say anything. Then the next time he said, "Hey, Toby, you want a doughnut?" And I wanted the doughnut. And now it's five years later, the doughnut's gone and I'm still Toby.

Phoebe Quotes

Quote from The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Phoebe: Oh, look! There's Monica and Chandler. Hey! Hey, you guys! Hey! Oh! Oh! Oh! Chandler and Monica! Chandler and Monica!
Rachel: Oh, my God!
Phoebe: Chandler and Monica!
Rachel: Oh, my God!
Phoebe: Oh, my eyes! My eyes!

Quote from The One with Phoebe's Birthday Dinner

Rachel: Well, now that everybody has ordered, I would like to start the celebration and make a toast to Phoebe. She dropped her sock.
Phoebe: Aw. What?
Rachel: No. No, Emma dropped her sock.
Monica: Mom's here? I wanted to have lunch with her today. She told me she was out of town.
Rachel: Ross, she still has not noticed that the baby's sock is on the ground.
Phoebe: It's a good toast.
Rachel: Look, will you please get her attention?
Ross: Oh. Mommy? Mother. [mouths] Sock.
Phoebe: Oh, for God's sake. Judy, pick up the sock! Pick up the sock! Pick up the sock!

Quote from The One with Ross's Denial

Phoebe: [playing guitar and singing] I found you in my bed, How'd you wind up there? You are a mystery, Little black curly hair, Little black curly hair, Little black, little black, little black, Little black curly hair.