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Quote from Mike in The One with Princess Consuela

Phoebe: Good for you. That was really mature.
Joey: What? No. The only reason I am going to their stupid new house, is so I can point out everything that's wrong with it, so they don't move. I am gonna make them stay here.
Mike: You're a strange kind of grown up.


‘The One with Princess Consuela’ Quotes

Quote from Joey

Monica: So glad you decided to come.
Joey: Me too. Yeah, this place is great. I'm so happy for your guys. Although, you know, I hope you like fungus.
Chandler: What?
Joey: Fungus. Yeah, place is full of it.
Monica: No, it's not. We had an inspection and I didn't find anything.
Joey: Okay. Then I guess I have dry eyes and a scratchy throat for no reason.
Monica: Maybe it's because you hung your head out of the window like a dog the whole ride here.
Joey: Maybe.

Quote from Joey

Monica: Hey, where have been?
Joey: Oh, just, you know, looking around. But you know what, this house is great.
Chandler: Really, what changed your mind?
Joey: Well, the little girl who lives here made feel a lot better about the whole thing.
Chandler: Joey, there was a little girl who lived here but she died, like, 30 years ago.
Joey: What?!
Chandler: Ha. I'm just messing with you.
Joey: That's not funny. You know I'm afraid of little-girl ghosts.

Quote from Ross

Chandler: Ooh, Israeli champagne and it's vanilla.
Ross: I got tenure. I didn't win the lottery!

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Quote from The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song

Mike: Did you just hit my dad?
Phoebe: Yes. I'm sorry. I've never met a boyfriend's parents before.
Mike: But, I mean, you have met humans before, right?

Quote from The One With Ross's Inappropriate Song

Bitsy: Please, darling, let's be honest. You can have all the sailor fun you want with that one. But let's be real.
Mike: All right, stop. All Phoebe has done is try and get you to like her. Maybe it's not clear but she did her best. And yeah, She's a little different than you are.
Bitsy: Michael, a pimp spit in her mouth.
Mike: So what? I mean, if I can get past that, it shouldn't bother you. And you don't have to like her, you just have to accept the fact that I do. I mean, if you can't even be civil to the woman I love-
Bitsy: The woman you what?
Phoebe: Yeah, the woman you what?
Mike: The woman I love. I love you. Which is probably something I shouldn't say for the first time in front of my parents and Tom and Sue. Who are, by the way, the most sinfully boring people I've ever met in my life.

Quote from The One with Rachel's Phone Number

Phoebe: Hey, Mike, it's me. Listen, is Is Ross near you?
Mike: No, I just left.
Phoebe: Well, you have to go back in.
Mike: What? Go back? To the land where time stands still?