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Quote from Chandler in The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath

Joey: It's just- Lately, I've been feeling- Okay, here's what it is. ... You know what, I feel a lot better. Thanks.
Chandler: Wait a minute. Just come back.
Joey: Okay. You and Monica, friends for a long time. And sure, there are rules. But then you went to London. But that's different. I mean, there are rules there too, know what I mean?
Chandler: Do you?
Joey: It was different for you guys. I mean, you were both in the same place.
Chandler: In London?
Joey: Yeah.
Chandler: Yes, when Monica and I were in London, we were both in London.
Joey: You know what, this is a bad idea. Forget it. Forget all about it. And do me a favor, this conversation between you and me...
Chandler: If that.

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