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Quote from Chandler in The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs

Monica: I wish he could stay, but Chandler's allergic.
Chandler: Extremely allergic, okay? If I am anywhere near a dog for more than five minutes my throat will just close up.
Phoebe: That's odd. Because this dog's been living here for the past three days.
Chandler: [hoarse] Really?
Monica: Chandler, if the dog has been here that long and you haven't had a reaction, maybe you're not allergic to this dog.
Chandler: Well, it still has to go, right?
Monica and Phoebe: Why?
Chandler: Okay, it's-
Joey: Don't do it!
Monica: Don't do what?
Chandler: I have to. Okay? It's time. Okay, I hate dogs.
Rachel: What?!
Phoebe: That's crazy? Why?
Joey: Told you.
Chandler: They are needy, they are jumpy, and you can't tell what they are thinking and that scares me a little bit.

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