Carol Willick Quotes

Quote from The One Where Old Yeller Dies

Carol: See, actually he is getting closer on the talking thing. He can't quite say "mama" yet, but once he said "Yemen."


Quote from The One with the Candy Hearts

Carol: You know that thing we put over here with the pin in it? It's time to take the pin out. You'll find someone. The right woman is waiting for you.
Ross: It's easy for you to say. You found one already.
Carol: All you need is a woman who likes men, and you'll be set. Not her.

Quote from The One with Two Parts: Part 1

Carol: It's impossible. It's just impossible.
Susan: What is, honey?
Carol: What that woman did. I am not doing that! It's just going to have to stay in, that's all. Everything will be the same. It'll just stay in.
Ross: Carol, honey. Everything's going to be all right.
Carol: Oh, what do you know? No one's going up to you saying, "Hi, is that your nostril? Mind if we push this pot roast through it?!"

Quote from The One with the Dozen Lasagnas

Carol: Don't you wanna know about the sex?
Ross: The sex? I'm having enough trouble with the image of you and Susan together. But when you throw in Tanya.
Carol: The sex of the baby, Ross.

Quote from The One That Could Have Been (Part 1)

Ross: So, honey, this morning was fun. Me hopping in on you in the shower there?
Carol: Yeah, and maybe someday we could get a place with two bathrooms.

Quote from The One with the Sonogram at the End

Ross: So, what's new? Still a-
Carol: A lesbian?
Ross: Well, you never know.

Quote from The One That Could Have Been (Part 1)

Ross: Seriously, our sex life. I was thinking maybe, I don't know, we could try some new things, you know, for fun.
Carol: Like what?
Ross: Well, I don't know. What if we were to tie each other up? [coughs] Um, some people eat stuff off one another. Yeah. You know, we could try dirty talk. [nervous laugh] We could have a threesome.
Carol: I love that idea!

Quote from The One with the Dozen Lasagnas

Ross: Hey, when did you and Susan meet Huey Lewis?
Carol: Uh, that's our friend Tanya.
Ross: Of course, it's your friend Tanya.