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Something Borrowed, Something Blue

‘Something Borrowed, Something Blue’

Season 7, Episode 23 -  Aired May 18, 2000

As Daphne's wedding to Donny approaches, she finally confronts her feelings for Niles, just as he takes a step forward in his relationship with Mel.

Quote from Martin

Daphne: Sorry we didn't get a toast out of you, Mr. Crane.
Martin: Oh, I'm sorry. I really wanted to, Daphne, but I just felt kind of awkward.
Daphne: Oh, It's all right. Anyway, I should be toasting you. I'm gonna miss you, you rotten old sod.
Bartender: Ballantine okay?
Martin: Oh, yeah, that's my beer! Yes. You know, I just found out they're gonna quit making this stuff?
Frasier: Really?
Martin: Yeah.
Frasier: There's the end of an era.
Martin: That's right. It's gonna be one sad day when I get down to my last one. You know, it's funny. You get used to having something in your life. It's part of your day. You just take it for granted. Then, suddenly it's gone and you realize how much it meant to you.


Quote from Frasier

Roz: This is gonna be awful. Here I am at a wedding, sitting next to a guy who dumped me.
Frasier: Oh, come on Roz, you won't be alone. You'll be on the arm of a well-known Seattle boulevardier and radio star.
Roz: Frasier, I can't go with you. I mean, going to a wedding with your boss is like going to the prom with your brother.
Frasier: Niles and I did not go to the prom together! Our dates were sick and we went stag.
Niles: In retrospect, yes, we should have canceled the horse-drawn carriage, but hindsight is 20/20.

Quote from Niles

Roz: I dated him all last summer and he dumped me.
Daphne: He's going with my bridesmaid Annie. I have to seat the bridesmaids together.
Roz: This always happens to me. Is there no place I can go without running into some guy I've dated?
Niles: I was reading about a Trappist monastery in the Amazon that they somehow built into the treetop.
Roz: Shut up, ya big doily.

Quote from Gertrude

Daphne: This is Donny.
Donny: Hi.
Gertrude: [to Donny] Well, come here, let's have a good look at you. [to Frasier] We were starting to think our Daphne would never find herself a young man. [looks at Donny] And I see she hasn't. But, beggars can't be choosers.

Quote from Daphne

[A knock on the winnebago door]
Niles: Come in.
[Niles looks up:]
Daphne: Hello.
Niles: Daphne.
Daphne: I was wondering... if you might be free for a date?
Niles: Oh, my God, yes!
Daphne: There's plenty of time for that later. Let's get this bloody boat moving!
Niles: What, you mean now?
Daphne: There's about a hundred people back there I'm not so keen on seeing.
Niles: Well, all right, let's go then.
Niles: Fasten your seat belt, Daphne.
Daphne: Fasten yours, Niles.

Quote from Frasier

Daphne: Dr. Crane? I've wanted to talk to you about this all week, but I haven't known what to say. You promise you'll keep this just between us?
Frasier: Of course.
Daphne: It's about your brother. You see, I know.
Frasier: Know what?
Daphne: I know about his feelings for me.
Frasier: My God! How did you find out?
Daphne: It's not important.
Frasier: Somebody blabbed, didn't they? Why can't people just mind their own business? Who was the nattering gossip? Roz? Dad?
Daphne: You.
Frasier: What?
Daphne: You were taking those pills for your back and you blurted it out while I was giving you a massage.
Frasier: Oh, well, they were very strong pills, you see...
Daphne: Needless to say, it completely took my breath away. At first, I tried to forget about it, put it out of my mind.
Frasier: Well, the bottle said just to take one, but I'm a big man...
Daphne: Oh, will you shut up about those pills?!

Quote from Roz

Simon: Listen to what you're doing, Roz. It's not very dignified, is it?
Martin: Come on Roz, give Simon a chance.
Roz: So he can stand me up again?
Simon: And miss my sister's wedding? Never. If you're worried about my appearance, I know where I can get my hands on some very nice Armani suits.
Martin: Or you could just grab one out of Frasier's closet.
Roz: What did you think he was talking about?

Quote from Niles

Niles: What in the world was so urgent that you brought me all the way up here?
Frasier: Niles, just sit down. There's something I need to discuss with you.
Frasier: I was watching you on the dance floor just now, and the look in your eyes was unmistakable.
Niles: Well, can you blame me? Mel's quite the little dancer. Of course, her vertigo does rule out any serious twirling, but...

Quote from Niles

Niles: Anyway, I was just talking to Frasier about a conversation you two had.
Daphne: Oh, dear.
Niles: No, no. Don't get upset.
Daphne: I specifically asked him not to say anything. What was he thinking?
Niles: No, I'm glad he told me.
Daphne: Oh, yes, so we can have a big talk about it. That's what you psychiatrists always do, drag everything out into the open so we can work through it. No matter how awkward it might be. Well, I just don't see the point.
Niles: No, Daphne, I'm glad he told me because I love you.

Quote from Niles

Daphne: Dr. Crane, you shouldn't say such things.
Niles: It's the truth. Lord knows, I have tried to deny it, tried to pretend that I am over you, but not a day has gone by when I haven't thought of you. Your smile, your beautiful eyes, what it would be like to hold your hands and ask you the question I never dared ask.

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