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Quote from Daphne in Fool Me Once, Shame on You. Fool Me Twice...

Daphne: This whole thing reminds me of when I first moved to London. I was very mistrusting of people back then. I was convinced the way to stay out of harm's way was to walk straight with me eyes cast down, never meeting anyone's glance. But finally, I decided that was no way to live. So one day, I just lifted up me chin and took it all in. Well, the change was amazing. There were sights I'd never seen, sounds I'd never heard. A tiny old man came up to me with a note in his hand. He needed help. I realized this was no city full of thieves and muggers. There were people here who needed me. I took his note, read it, and to this day, I can remember just what I said to that man. "That's not how you spell fellatio."


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Quote from Roz

Niles: So, that's a nice jacket.
Roz: Thank you.
Niles: Offbeat.
Roz: And what is that supposed to mean, "offbeat"?
Niles: Well...
Roz: No, wait, I think I know exactly what it means. Offbeat as in cheap. Well, excuse me for not being rich enough to shop at the International House of Tight-Ass like you and Maris the heiress! That is what you meant, right?
Niles: Yes, but I had no idea you'd pick up on it.
Roz: Then you were insulting me.
Niles: Yes, but you got in a couple of good shots yourself.
Roz: I did, didn't I? I'm so glad we did this.
[Frasier returning to see Niles and Roz shake hands]
Frasier: You know, sometimes I am such a good therapist, I scare myself.

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Please, why don't we sit here by the window so we can see him when he comes?
Niles: Oh, your good Samaritan?
Frasier: Yes. You know, I have to tell you Niles, I'm feeling rather good about this whole thing. Granted, I did lose my wallet and my favorite suit. But, still, mostly everything else was intact. My date book, my spare set of car keys, my fountain pen. But, best of all, what has remained intact is my sense that people are basically trustworthy.
Niles: Frasier, the person who has your car keys asked you to meet him here, knowing you'd bring your car?
Frasier: Now, now. Before you launch into one of your little paranoid riffs, my car happens to be ... [looks out the window] ... moving down the street! Oh, my God! Stop! Stop that well-dressed man!

Quote from Niles

Frasier: So, Roz, you gonna join us?
Roz: No, I think I'll just go sit over here.
Niles: Roz? Are you trying to avoid me?
Roz: Well, can you blame me? I mean, it took you nearly a year just to learn my name and every time we sit together, you have some kind of snide remark to make.
Niles: Name one.
Roz: Well, last week you told me my bedroom was easier to get into than a community college.
Niles: I was hoping that would be the one you'd name.