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Quote from Martin in And the Whimper Is...

Bebe: I have to tell you that the buzz in line was that all those lovely gifts you've been sending have really paid off. It looks like you're in a neck-and-neck race with Fletcher Grey, that wrinkled old warhorse. [notices Martin] Hello, Mr. Crane. You're even more handsome than the last time I saw you. If I were twenty years older they couldn't keep me away from you.
Martin: That's why I keep this cane.


 ‘And the Whimper Is...’ Quotes

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: You know, I've never really won anything before. Although back in prep school, the Existentialist Club once named me "Most Likely To Be."

Quote from Niles

Frasier: So, where's Maris?
Niles: Well, we were just getting ready to leave the house, when Maris got a glimpse of herself in the hall mirror-
Frasier: Niles, at the end of this story, will I roll my eyes?
Niles: I did.
Frasier: Well then, just skip it.

 Martin Crane Quotes

Quote from The Two Mrs. Cranes

Niles: So, now you've met the whole Crane clan.
Clive: Although, Daphne, I noticed in the phone book your surname still is Moon.
Niles: Oh, that must be an old book. Now she hyphenates. It's Moon-Crane.
Martin: I remember the first time I ever drove a moon crane. Damn near rolled it into the Sea of Tranquility.

Quote from The Good Son

Delivery Man: Where do you want it?
Martin: Where's the TV?
Niles: It's in that credenza.
Martin: Point it at that.
Delivery Man: What about this chair?
Niles: The chair? Here, let me get it out of your way.
Frasier: Niles. Niles, be careful with that! That's a Wassily! Oh. Dad, as dear as I'm sure this piece is to you, I just don't think it goes with anything here.
Martin: I know. It's eclectic.