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Quote from Kenny in SeaBee Jeebies

Kenny: [on the phone] No, he'll make for a great profile: SeaBeas record holder, doctor, big ladies man, the whole ball of wax. Well, you can ask him yourself.
Frasier: [taking the phone] Hello? Yes, well, when would be a good time for you? Oh, I've just had the greatest idea: Why don't you interview me while we're at the SeaBee Awards? Yes, it will be a freewheeling chat against a glittering backdrop. Splendid! I will see you anon.
Kenny: [taking back the phone] Hey. No, he always talks like that.


 ‘SeaBee Jeebies’ Quotes

Quote from Frasier

Martin: [to Eddie] Hey, you're lookin' a little under the weather. You all right?
Frasier: He most certainly is not. He dined on that lovely can of bacon fat you've been hiding under the sink.
Martin: Oh, geez. Poor little guy. You know, bacon grease is bad for dogs.
Frasier: Ironic, considering its vast health benefits for humans.

Quote from Niles

Frasier: So, Randy, where were we?
Randy: Your brother was just telling me how Maris is coping with jail. So, is it true that Maris tried to break out?
Niles: Oh, no, no, no. Her eyebrow pencil simply rolled out of her cell and she went to get it. It's really the jail's fault for making those bars so far apart.

Quote from Daphne

Martin: Long night, Niles?
Niles: Oh, a bit. We were out at a party last night.
Daphne: At Bill Gates's house.
Frasier: Really? Some sort of charity event?
Niles: No, no, just a few people over for dinner. His wife has been following Maris' case and she wanted to meet us. It seems the story's captured everyone's imagination and people want to get the inside scoop.
Daphne: Their house is enormous. I got lost going to the loo, but a voice in the wall guided me back.