Ronee Quote #2

Quote from Ronee in The Babysitter

Niles: Oh, well, it's all terribly true.
Frasier: You look fantastic.
Ronee: Oh, well, it's a lot of work.
Frasier: Of course it is. You know, exercise, dieting and all...
Ronee: No, I've had a lot of work.
Frasier: Oh.
Ronee: Every time something sags, drags or bags, I get Dr. Goldman right on top of it. And then I call a plastic surgeon. [laughs]


 ‘The Babysitter’ Quotes

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: What the hell do you think you're doing?
Martin: I was working my magic on her. Why are you so upset?
Frasier: Because I'm working a little magic of my own. And your magic is mucking up my magic!
Martin: Well, I thought you brought her here for me.
Frasier: Since when do I bring you women?! What are you, the Sultan of Brunei?

Quote from Ronee

Ronee: Yeah, I had a couple of shots at the big time, you know, sang in some swankier rooms, I even made an album, "Ronee Lawrence: Mood Swings". It sold about seven copies and that's when Ronee Lawrence had herself a real mood swing.

Quote from Ronee

Martin: So, Ronee, I bet you really wow them at the Rendezvous.
Ronee: Well, you know, it's not exactly Carnegie Hall. Most of them are half in the bag and just trying not to spill their drinks. And I'm just talking about the cocktail waitresses.