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Quote from Frasier in Tales from the Crypt

Frasier: Everyone, hold please. Zombie Number Two, what are you doing?
Zombie #2: I'm scaring Bulldog?
Frasier: I see. Is that what zombies do, they scare people?
Zombie #2: Um...
Frasier: Wrong. They eat brains, and that's what scares people. Now, look, this is our dress rehearsal, let's please try to get this right. Bulldog comes in, he hears noises, zombies go after his brain, and his terror is caught on videotape for us all to enjoy at a later date. Now, let's try this again. First marks, please.


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Quote from Frasier

Frasier: For the record, I knew immediately it was not my car. Mine has a bumper sticker on it that says, "I am pro-opera and I vote"

Quote from Gertrude

Daphne: Mum, we're off to the symphony.
Gertrude: Haven't the Germans punished us enough?

Quote from Gertrude

James: That'll be $32.03.
Gertrude: For one drink?
James: Your grandson ordered a bunch of cakes, and he said it was all on you.
Jason: Thanks for the treats, Grandma!
Gertrude: Hey!