Gertrude Quote #5

Quote from Gertrude in Mother Load (Part 1)

Daphne: Mum, you remember Niles?
Gertrude: Of course. You know, I was quite cross with you when you stole my daughter away from that rich lawyer, but from the looks of this place, you do all right.


 ‘Mother Load (Part 1)’ Quotes

Quote from Frasier

Simon: Oh, don't worry, Mum. Everything will be all right when we get home.
Gertrude: Well, what's left for me there? An empty house full of memories? No, I'd rather stay right here in the company of my babies. Thank goodness I have my children to lean upon.
Simon: Oh, don't cry, Mum. I really thought this junket to America would cheer you up.
Niles: Oh, well, it still can. Go away. I mean, get out there and see the country.
Frasier: Yes, that is a splendid idea. This land is rich with snow-covered mountains, sun-kissed beaches, wild, untamed rivers, and a warm, loving people ready to embrace you. Immerse yourself in the spectacle and the grandeur that are these United States, this America.
[An American flag is suddenly draped down across Frasier's entire balcony window]
Niles: How did you do that?
Frasier: [gasps] Cam Winston!

Quote from Simon

Simon: Shouldn't we stop at the supermarket on the way home? I'm very fond of those ham-and-cheese Hot Pockets that you had last year.
Martin: Oh, I keep those stocked. Everything's just like you remember.
Frasier: Well, there has been one small change. The liquor cabinet has a lock.
Simon: Yeah. Well, my new moped had a lock, too. Ha-ha!

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Quote from Mother Load (Part 2)

Daphne: I know you're upset, Mum, but it's not like you and Dad had a perfect marriage.
Gertrude: That's because there's no such thing. You young modern people think marriage is some sort of promenade through paradise, when it's more like a march through Hell with a man strapped to your back and a litter of nasty babies swinging from your teats!

Quote from Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Daphne: This is Donny.
Donny: Hi.
Gertrude: [to Donny] Well, come here, let's have a good look at you. [to Frasier] We were starting to think our Daphne would never find herself a young man. [looks at Donny] And I see she hasn't. But, beggars can't be choosers.