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Quote from Frasier in Decoys

Niles: I just don't understand. What does she see in him? If you were Daphne, would you go out with Donny?
Frasier: Well, no, but I wouldn't massage Dad's ass for what I pay her either.


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Quote from Martin

Frasier: Niles and Roz? It's just ridiculous.
Martin: Oh, not this again.
Frasier: Well, they are just completely incompatible.
Martin: Well, haven't you ever heard about "opposites attracting"? I mean, look at your mother and me. We went together for six months, nobody thought it would last, we had forty happy years together.
Frasier: Never thought of it that way.
Martin: Yeah. And then, there are those relationships where people have a ton of things in common and of course they always work out real well. [laughs]
Frasier: Thank you, Dad, I suppose that was a backhanded comment about me and Lilith.
Martin: Wouldn't it be great if she was flying by here on her broomstick right now?

Quote from Niles

Roz: Why don't you just admit it? You're just doing this because you want Daphne.
Niles: Yes! Yes! Yes, I want Daphne. I think we belong together. Just like I think you and Donny belong together. And why should two people be happy when four people can be ecstatic?

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Quote from She's the Boss

Frasier: What the hell was that? Was that a gunshot?
Niles: Morning, Frasier. Just getting up?
Frasier: "Just getting up?" Are you out of your mind? A gun just went off in here!
Martin: Niles bought a starter's pistol.
Niles: And there's no need to get snippy. Accidents happen, you know.
Frasier: Oh, I'm sorry. Was I snippy? I didn't realize it was too much to ask that there not be gunplay in my living room!

Quote from The Good Son

Niles: Of course, I can't take care of him.
Frasier: Oh, yes, of course. Of course. Why?
Niles: Because Dad doesn't get along with Maris.
Frasier: Who does?
Niles: I thought you liked my Maris.
Frasier: I do. I like her from a distance. You know, the way you like the sun. Maris is like the sun, except without the warmth.