Martin Quote #615

Quote from Martin in Secret Admirer

Niles: Dad, don't you agree?
Frasier: Oh, fine, let's just ask Dad. Dad, what do you think?
Martin: No, no. Don't drag me into this. I learned when you were kids to stay out of it whenever you two started
fighting. I'd just wait till the whole thing ended, usually in tears, and then I'd take you both out for ice cream. That was my job, ice cream man.


 ‘Secret Admirer’ Quotes

Quote from Roz

Roz: Oh, my God. You have two women?
Frasier: At least.
Roz: And you're juggling them? And you're getting jewelry?
Frasier: Why is that so hard to believe?
Roz: Well, I guess since they cloned that sheep, anything's possible.

Quote from Niles

Martin: Besides, the note said it's someone you've been with.
Niles: Hmm. There have been so few women since Maris. There were so few women before Maris. Hence, there was Maris.

 Martin Crane Quotes

Quote from The Two Mrs. Cranes

Niles: So, now you've met the whole Crane clan.
Clive: Although, Daphne, I noticed in the phone book your surname still is Moon.
Niles: Oh, that must be an old book. Now she hyphenates. It's Moon-Crane.
Martin: I remember the first time I ever drove a moon crane. Damn near rolled it into the Sea of Tranquility.

Quote from The Good Son

Delivery Man: Where do you want it?
Martin: Where's the TV?
Niles: It's in that credenza.
Martin: Point it at that.
Delivery Man: What about this chair?
Niles: The chair? Here, let me get it out of your way.
Frasier: Niles. Niles, be careful with that! That's a Wassily! Oh. Dad, as dear as I'm sure this piece is to you, I just don't think it goes with anything here.
Martin: I know. It's eclectic.