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Quote from Niles in Daphne Hates Sherry

Niles: I don't know what happened. My knees never buckled like that before. The wine and the heat must have made me dizzy.
Daphne: Yes, it is rather steamy in here.
Niles: I apologize for the lack of air conditioning. It seems in order to live in an exclusive landmark building, one must have to sweat through the odd heat wave like a tortured character in a Tennessee Williams play.


 ‘Daphne Hates Sherry’ Quotes

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Bup, bup, bup! Not another word!
Roz: But he-
Frasier: Bup! I don't care who did what to whom or in what disgusting manner. As we speak, hordes of viral Visigoths are hurling themselves over the battlements of my immune system, laying waste to my... Oh, dear God, you see how weak I am? I can't even finish a simple Visigoth metaphor.

Quote from Daphne

Daphne: You've got a lot of nerve talking to me that way.
Sherry: Me? You're the one who started it. Didn't she, Marty?
Martin: Hey, you're not putting me in the middle of this.
Daphne: I didn't start anything. You've had your big conk in my business all day.
Sherry: That better mean nose!
Daphne: And what if it doesn't?

 Niles Crane Quotes

Quote from To Tell the Truth

Niles: Well, that's it. It's over. It's over and I've lost. Maris has won. Maris always wins.
Martin: Niles.
Niles: Niles never wins! Niles always loses! That's why Niles lives at the Shangri-La and drives a hatchback!

Quote from Frasier Grinch

Frasier: Dad, I'm sorry, if Frederick's anything like me, the kind of toys he'll like to play with are... A kitchen set, a dollhouse and three kinds of Barbies. Oh, good God. This is for a Franklin Crane from Kennebunkport. Oh, God, do you realize what this means?
Niles: Yes. The Cranes of Maine have got your Living Brain.