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Quote from Roz in The Friend

Frasier: So why is it we have so much trouble making friends? Is it because we've become closed off? No longer want to reach out to our fellow man? Well, I'd like to think that if one of you listeners out there happened to see me on the street you'd feel free to walk right on up to me and-
Roz: Excuse me, Dr. Crane, we have to stop for a very important public service announcement. ... Have you lost your mind? You're opening yourself up to every creep out there.
Frasier: Oh, Roz, that's exactly the kind of cynicism I'm talking about. I, for one, happen to believe in the kindness of strangers.
Roz: Well I believe in the strangeness of strangers.


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Quote from Niles

Niles: Oh, Frasier, I had a breakthrough today with one of my compulsive gamblers and he gave me two tickets to the racetrack on Saturday. It's a luxury box. I thought you might want to go.
Frasier: I would love to Niles. Why don't you want to use them?
Niles: Well, the jockeys if you must know.
Frasier: What?
Niles: Diminutive, underweight figures in expensive silks wielding riding crops. It just reminded me too much of Maris.

Quote from Martin

Martin: Well you were home late last night.
Frasier: I had dinner with a new friend. Bob.
Martin: Oh, that's right. Have a good time?
Frasier: Hardly. The man talks endlessly on subjects that are of no interest to anyone but him.
Martin: Gee. I can't imagine what that's like.

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Quote from The Good Son

Roz: Ever heard of Lupe Velez?
Frasier: Who?
Roz: Lupe Velez. The movie star in the '30s. Well, her career hit the skids so she decided she'd make one final stab at immortality. She figured if she couldn't be remembered for her movies, she'd be remembered for the way she died. And all Lupe wanted was to be remembered. So, she plans this lavish suicide. Flowers, candles, silk sheet, white satin gown, full hair and make-up, the works. She takes the overdose of pills, lays on the bed and imagines how beautiful she's going to look on tomorrow's front page. Unfortunately, the pills don't set well with the enchilada combo plate she sadly chose as her last meal. She stumbles to the bathroom, trips and goes head-first into the toilet. And that's how they found her.
Frasier: Is there a reason you're telling me this story?
Roz: Yes. Even though things may not happen like we planned, they can work out anyway.
Frasier: Remind me again how it worked for Lupe, last seen with her head in the toilet.
Roz: All she wanted was to be remembered. Will you ever forget that story?

Quote from Dr. Nora

Frasier: I have someone here with me today, someone you haven't seen for quite a while. There's something she'd like to tell you, something she's wanted to tell you for a very, very long time. Mrs. Mulhern?
Mrs. Mulhern: You little whore!
Nora: Mother!
Mrs. Mulhern: So, you thought you could get away from me, did you? Thought you could leave me to rot in that dump without barely enough cash for a bottle of Mateus. You'll pay for that, missy!
Roz: I was wrong, Frasier! Your way is better!