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Quote from Bulldog in Selling Out

Frasier: What is this with my name on it, Roz?
Roz: That's the contract for the Hunan Palace gig. That's how much they were going to pay you. I guess I need them to change the name on here to "Bulldog".
Frasier: They pay you that much just to read some copy?
Roz: Yes. Of course, Bulldog usually adds his own special touch.
Bulldog: [Gong] [in a stereotypical Chinese accent] You will come, chop chop to Hunan Palace, where Peking duck is always extra crispy. [rustles paper, duck whistle]
Roz: We're gonna get sued this time for sure.


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Quote from Frasier

Roger: "Well, I had a really good year, so I decided, hey, why not reward myself? So I bought what I really wanted, a 48ft cabin cruiser. Want to know how much it cost me? I'll tell you how much it cost me, 300 grand. Not to mention the $20,000 for the custom teak decking. Now, here's my problem: My wife wants to call this incredible vessel 'Lullubelle', after her mother. 'Lullubelle!' So, I say no, we call it 'The Intrepid'. So, what do you think it should be called, 'Lullubelle' or 'The Intrepid'?"
Frasier: Roger. At Cornell University, they have an incredible piece of scientific equipment known as the "tunneling electron microscope." Now, this microscope is so powerful that by firing electrons, you can actually see images of the atom, the infinitesimally minute building block of our universe. Roger, if I were using that microscope right now, I still wouldn't be able to locate my interest in your problem. Thank you for your call.

Quote from Frasier

Martin: Look. Why don't you just go down there. If you like the food, do the commercial. If you don't, don't.
Frasier: I suppose that's the logical approach. Why don't the three of us go tonight? I'll make a call. I better make the reservations under a different name. I don't want any special treatment, you know. I just want to be treated like I'm just an average working Joe. [on the phone] Good evening. Yes, yes. We'd like a reservation for three this evening at 8:00. Oh, nothing till 10:00? Oh. Well, then, uh- This is Dr. Frasier Crane, from the radio and- Yes, I thought you might. Thank you. [hangs up] We're in at 9:45.

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Quote from Frasier's Imaginary Friend

Frasier: You know, frankly, I don't have time for this nonsense. What I did or did not do on my vacation is none of your concern. Don't you have better things to do than to speculate about my sex life?
Bulldog: Oh, "Frasier Crane's sex life." Hey, there's a word for that. It's an Oxy... Oxy...
Roz: ...moron!
Bulldog: Hey, wow, easy. I'll get it.

Quote from Space Quest

Bulldog: Hey, where the hell's my Cosell tape? Somebody stole my Cosell tape! This stinks. This is total BS! This- Oh, here it is.