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Quote from Niles in Out with Dad

Frasier: So, I'll be going to the opera by myself?
Niles: Oh, well here's a thought. If you give Mel your opera ticket then you won't have to be alone. You can stay here and watch fun movies with Roz and Daphne. Ooh, "Dying Young", it's a... classic.
Frasier: I am surprised by your gall! At the last moment you not only bail on me, you expect me to give up my own ticket.
Niles: Please, Frasier, put yourself in my shoes. I have to do something for Mel. Every restaurant in town's been booked for weeks. I ran into Archie Wilfong today. He told me he had to settle for two seats at the counter at "The Salad Experience". What would you suggest I do?
Frasier: Bring your own wine and order the Spicy Caesar!
Niles: May your opera box be full of cellophane crinklers and the stage swarming with standbys.
Frasier: Get out! ... He goes too far.


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Quote from Martin

Emily: Frasier, these pieces are wonderful. You've exquisite taste.
Martin: Oh, he gets that from me. Yes, it was worth all the hours I dragged him around to the museums and the antiques shops teaching him about art and, you know... upholstery.
Edward: Were you in the arts?
Martin: Oh, well, actually, Ed-
Frasier: Dad was a cop.
Edward: Really? The, er, uniform and everything?
Martin: Yeah. In fact, uh, that's what happened to my hip. I took a bullet trying to break up a robbery. Yeah, I called for back-up but it never showed up.
Emily: [sighs] Because you were gay.
Martin: [takes her hand] Don't think I didn't wonder about that!

Quote from Daphne

Frasier: Daphne.
Edward: We've just been chatting with your delightful physical therapist, Marty.
Daphne: Oh, he's a charmer, this one. Now, aren't you glad you went to the opera? I keep telling him he should get out more, meet people. Most nights he just sits here alone watching the telly.
Emily: He's the exact same way. He'll watch anything.
Daphne: With him, it's mostly sports. Just give him a bunch of sweaty men chasing each other around the field and he-

Quote from Martin

Helen: You know, if you like Verdi so much, I happen to have a spare ticket to "Aida" next week.
Martin: Oh, that sounds great. But, er, if it's a week from tonight, I'm busy, I'm sorry.
Helen: Actually, it's next Thursday.
Martin: Oh, Thursday? Oh, you know there's this thing at my... at my wine club.
Helen: That's all right, Martin. We just met. I shouldn't have asked.
Martin: No, no, no. Helen, it's got nothing to do with you. It's me. I'm afraid I've given you the wrong impression of myself. You see, the truth is, I'm...
Helen: Gay.
Martin: .... Uh, right, gay.
Helen: I thought you might be. How many straight men remember Renata Tebaldi?
Martin: [looks over at Frasier] Not many.
Helen: Well, I'm sorry if I was too forward. It's just that sometimes it's so hard to meet nice men.
Martin: Tell me.