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Frasier: Roz, I'm going to tell you something I didn't find out until I became a father. You don't just love your children. You fall in love with them. It's that same rush, that same overwhelming desire to see them, to hold them, and bore other people to tears with every detail about them.
Roz: Oh, my God. I'm gonna have a baby. Someone is gonna call out for "Mom" and it's gonna be me. I'm really scared. What if I can't do this by myself?
Frasier: But, Roz, you're not all by yourself. I'm here.
Roz: Oh, thank you, Frasier. [hugs him]
Frasier: And I'll be available for you in whatever way you wish, from taking you out to dinner tonight, to that moment in the delivery room when you say, "Welcome to the world little Jimmy," or "little Sally," or dare I hope "little Frasier?"
Roz: Oh my God, I think I'm gonna be sick.
Frasier: I guess I got a little carried away there.
Roz: No, I mean I'm gonna hurl!


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Quote from Martin

Frasier: We'll be serving dinner just as soon as Roz gets here. I didn't think she should be alone this evening.
Daphne: How's she doing?
Frasier: Oh, okay, I guess, considering she's decided to have the baby by herself.
Martin: Boy, things have sure changed since my day. Back then, if a girl got in trouble, her family would just ship her off to relatives in another state, and if anybody asked, just lied and said she went to Europe. Then when she came back, they'd raise the baby as a little sister. Not like today. We had morals and values back then.

Quote from Frasier

Martin: Boy, I can't stand these yuppie joints. Some bozo went through the men's room, correcting all the grammar in the graffiti with a red pen.
Frasier: Yes, I noticed.
Martin: I mean, who'd have that much time on his hands?
Frasier: Unbelievable.
Martin: It was Niles, wasn't it?
Frasier: I'll talk to him again.

Quote from Roz

Frasier: Oh, Roz. How are you?
Roz: Still pregnant.
Frasier: Look, I'm sorry about last night. I tried to apologize, but you ran out of the party so fast.
Roz: Oh, I'm sorry! Was that rude? You know more about etiquette that I do. What is the proper length of time you should stay after someone announces to a hundred strangers that you got knocked up?