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Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Part 3)

‘Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Part 3)’

Season 10, Episode 9 -  Aired November 26, 2002

Niles won't stop talking about his new take on life following his surgery, but Frasier and Martin think he's afraid to start living normally again.

Quote from Martin

Martin: When I got out of the hospital, I was terrified to take a risk. I didn't want to leave the house. Ducked for cover every time a car backfired.
Niles: I know my fears aren't rational. I know my heart is sound. I feel fine. But I felt fine before this happened. How do I know that the same thing isn't going to...
Martin: Well, you don't know. That's exactly what I came to realize. Life's a crap shoot. We could all go at any time. That's why we have to make the most of whatever time we've got. Like sand through the hourglass, so are the Days of Our Lives...
Niles: Okay, point taken.


Quote from Niles

Daphne: Niles! What happened? Are you all right?
Niles: Yes. I just jumped into bed with your mother.
Daphne: Oh, dear. No wonder she screamed.
Niles: That wasn't her.
Daphne: What were you doing in there?
Niles: I just... wanted to... take my wife into my arms and show her how much I love her.
Daphne: Are you sure you're ready?
Niles: Trust me. If my heart can take that, it can take anything.

Quote from Gertrude

Daphne: You know, maybe I'll give that a try. When Niles walks into that guest room tonight, I'll have a surprise waiting for him. Candles, soft music, a negligée... Nothing too sexy, we don't want to strain his heart.
Gertrude: Well, there's nothing wrong with your ego.

Quote from Gertrude

Daphne: I know he's trying to ease back into things, but it's been weeks since the doctor said he was okay.
Gertrude: Well, isn't it obvious? The poor thing's probably not feeling very attractive. I mean, he's all skinny and pale, and now he has that scar, too.

Quote from Gertrude

Niles: Oh, Daphne, it's okay. Her bracing honesty reminds me that I'm alive. You... you... oh, you! [Niles hugs Gertrude tightly] You are a treasure to me. I cherish every day we're together.
Gertrude: Oh, thank you, Niles. There may be others around here who could benefit from a near-death experience.

Quote from Gertrude

Gertrude: Oh, what's all this?
Daphne: Food for the poor.
Gertrude: Oh, it must be nice to be poor and have people just giving you food.

Quote from Gertrude

Gertrude: Daphne, you were up awfully late last night.
Daphne: Yeah, I was watching television.
Gertrude: Were you? Or was that husband of yours sneaking upstairs to demand you perform your wifely chore?
Daphne: I wish. He's still not ready to be in the same bed with me.
Gertrude: He's rich, and you don't have to sleep with him. Rub it in, why don't you?

Quote from Frasier

Roz: So what's the plan? Are we going to turn off the lights and jump out and yell "surprise!"
Frasier: Oh yes, Roz, let's startle a man who just had open-heart surgery.

Quote from Niles

Roz: You look great.
Niles: Thank you. Thank you, I tell you it's good to be out after being cooped up in that apartment all week. Hello. [Niles pets Eddie.] I never thought I'd grow tired of reading Flaubert.
Gertrude: Oh please, he's been parked on his ass watching The Young and the Restless.
Frasier: Niles! Not the soaps! You can't be serious.
Niles: Well, I'm hardly hooked. They fascinate me as-as cultural artifact. I was just telling Gertrude, their use of stock figures is reminiscent of the "commedia dell'arte". Yes, uh, Esther is Punchinello, Victor is Flavio, and Nikki, well, she's just the town pump.

Quote from Roz

Roz: Hi. I know that song.
Frasier: Yes, Mozart Symphony No. 40: Molto Allegro. I just bought this new recording for Niles. It is fantastic. I've never heard such string articulation.
Roz: Oh, I remember what it is. It's that commercial with the singing cats. [singing to the Mozart tune] "If your cat has a yearning for tuna, Da-da-da, Da-da Ocean Buffet, Da-da-da..." One of the cats was wearing a tiny tuxedo.
Frasier: Good! So few cats dress for the symphony anymore.

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