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Quote from Gertrude in Moons Over Seattle

Mr. Moon: Niles, good news. Our feet are the same size.
Daphne: Daddy! I knew you'd come.
Mr. Moon: Hello, Stilts. Ah, give your old dad a kiss.
Daphne: Mum, look who's here, all the way from England!
Mr. Moon: Hello, Gert.
Gertrude: "Hello, Gert"? That's all you have to say for yourself? For forty years I've been a good wife to you, raising your children and boiling your meals, and letting you work off your animal lusts, and all I get for my trouble is a cheery "Hello, Gert"? Well, your fatal charm is not going to work this time, so you can just drag your sorry arse back to that barstool it normally sags over and leave me the hell alone! [cheerily] Thank you, Niles, that was a nice surprise.
Mr. Moon: You're right. She has mellowed.

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