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Quote from Niles in Moons Over Seattle

Niles: Mr. Moon, you wouldn't recognize your wife. She's mellowed.
Mr. Moon: You're wasting your breath.
Niles: All right. All right, forget about your wife for a minute. Think about your daughter. She's heartbroken.
Mr. Moon: My Daphne?
Niles: Yes, yes, the separation is tearing her apart. If you care about her, come back to Seattle with me and talk to your wife. If you don't patch things up, at least your only daughter will know you cared enough to try.
Mr. Moon: Well, you know, I'd love to see my baby girl again. But I can't afford to travel across the Atlantic whenever I please.
Niles: Oh, I would pay for the ticket, of course.
Mr. Moon: I can't have you buying me a first-class ticket to America.

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