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Quote from Frasier in The First Temptation of Daphne

Daphne: So what do you know about transference?
Frasier: Oh, more than most.
Daphne: Is it true that patients can actually fall in love with their therapists?
Frasier: Oh, yes. Yes, as a matter of fact it's quite common. You see, in a therapeutic setting a doctor's empathy can be misconstrued as romantic interest, especially when the patient is of a particularly vulnerable nature.
Daphne: But therapists never return those feelings, right?
Frasier: Well, they're not supposed to. But it does happen. Uh, well, I mean, think about it, really, it's- We are human. Transference can be very, very powerful. I remember back in my days of private practice, uh, I did have my share of female adulation.
Roz: Oh my God, were you able to cure them?
Frasier: I'm not a miracle worker, Roz.

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