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Quote from Niles in Daphne Hates Sherry

Daphne: Don't tell me you agree with her.
Niles: No, no. It's much too hot for hell to have frozen over.
Daphne: I mean, it's like caveman thinking. "All Daphne needs is a quick roll in the hay."
Niles: Yes, well...
Daphne: "A little slap and tickle would solve all her problems!"
Niles: Yeah.
Daphne: The worse part is, I think she might be right. Maybe part of why I got so mad at her is because she hit a nerve.
Niles: It's very possible.
Daphne: I mean, I have been keeping myself on the shelf lately. I'm feeling a little like the good China.
Niles: Someone should be eating off you everyday.

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