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Quote from Roz in Liar! Liar!

Frasier: Well, I guess that brings an end to our little debate. Apparently there are no good lies.
Bulldog: Hey, hey, it's getting kinda heavy in here. We gotta liven this place up, huh? Hey, I know. Party games, huh? All right Doc, I'm going to need a blindfold, some whipped cream and a glass coffee table. What? Nobody here went to camp?
Roz: Forget it, Bulldog. These guys are no fun. [Roz grabs Bulldog's butt as she walks by] You know what? I know a great after-hours place where we can go get a few drinks.
Bulldog: [following Roz to the front door] Now you're talking. Hey, if things go well I know an after after-hours place. I got the keys.
Roz: Mmm. You get the elevator. I'll get my coat.
Bulldog: You're on.
[After Bulldog walks out, Roz closes the door and locks it.]
Roz: No good lies, my ass.

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