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Quote from Martin in Daphne's Room

Frasier: I simply went in there to retrieve my book.
Martin: You're not supposed to go in there!
Frasier: Oh, what's the big deal?
Martin: Do you ever see her leave her door open? She doesn't like people going in there.
Frasier: She goes into my room all the time, and it doesn't bother me!
Martin: Women are different.
Frasier: Dad, that is sexism talking.
Martin: No, that's thirty-five years of marriage talking. Women protect their privacy. You know how they are about their handbags. You never go in there. It's always "bring me my purse." The husband could say, "Honey, I'm being robbed. The guy's holding a gun to my head and I don't have any money." The wife would say, "Bring me my purse."

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