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Quote from Martin in Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye

Martin: That was good. That reminds me of old Mickey Doogan. I remember one Fourth of July, we were on mounted patrol, leading a big parade down Broad Street. It was a real scorcher that day, must have been a hundred degrees, and I'm sitting on top of a thousand pounds of hot, sweaty horse. I must have been complaining a bit, 'cause as we ride by Duke's, Mickey gets fed up and says "If you want a damn beer so bad, shut up and get one." So I ride old Agides right through the front door, right up to the bar and order myself a beer. Duke plays it cool as a cucumber and says "And what'll your friend have?" I say, "Nothin', he's drivin." [laughs, Frasier laughs politely] I've told ya that one before, haven't I?
Frasier: Yeah.

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