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Quote from Daphne in A Day in May

Daphne: Is this about Jim?
Niles: The demand cannot be scrutinized. It is, by definition, irrational.
Daphne: And are you sure this is how you want to use your only one?
Niles: Absolutely. I've thought this through, a lot. Irrationally, of course.
Daphne: Okay, if you're sure. I promise never to come to this dog park again.
Niles: Thank you. I knew you'd understand.
Jim: All right, we're going home. Tank needs to re-hydrate, and, oof, I'm late for a deltoid workout.
Daphne: Well, I guess this is goodbye, Jim.
Jim: Yep, by this time next week I'll be leading my first raft tour in Chile.
Niles: Really?
Jim: Yeah.
Niles: Wow, when do you get back?
Daphne: Oh, he's not coming back. He's moving there.

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