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Quote from Niles in The Show Must Go Off

Frasier: Mr. Hedley, it's not the director. We have a problem.
Jackson: What sort of problem?
Frasier: Let me be frank, because an artist of your caliber deserves honesty. An acting performance is a journey of discovery. This brief rehearsal time that we've given you is-is far too short to reach Parnassus, home of the Muses.
Niles: Forgive us for being so blunt.
Jackson: Oh, I see. We're getting to the real problem. I've got untested producers, and they've got the jitters. Ah, but not to worry, it's perfectly natural. Do you know I've never worked with producers who haven't wanted to pull the plug before the opening night? But I won't let you quit. This show is going on. In the words of our great author, "Stiffen the sinews. Summon up the blood. Disguise fair nature with hard-favored rage. Then lend the eye a terrible aspect!" [exits]
Niles: I think he's getting better, don't you?

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