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Quote from Niles in My Coffee with Niles

Niles: What were you going to say?
Frasier: No, no. I'd rather not.
Niles: Well, there's no need to, I think I know what you were getting at. You've been wanting to ask me this for years. Did I marry Maris for the money? [Niles looks at Frasier. Frasier nods] I resent that! I did not marry Maris for the money. It was just a delightful bonus.
Frasier: So, you really do love her?
Niles: Of course I love her. But it's a different kind of love.
Frasier: You mean it's not human?
Niles: No. No, I mean it doesn't burn with the passion and intensity of a Tristan and Isolde. It's more comfortable, more familiar. Maris and I are old friends. We can spend an afternoon together - me at my jigsaw puzzle, she at her auto-harp - not a word spoken between us and be perfectly content.
Frasier: I'm told it was a lot like that near the end in the Hitler household.

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