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Adventures in Paradise (Part 2)

‘Adventures in Paradise (Part 2)’

Season 2, Episode 9 -  Aired November 22, 1994

Frasier's blossoming relationship with Madeline is imperiled when he can't get past the fact Lilith and her new boyfriend are staying in the next room.

Quote from Niles

Daphne: You know, when I was younger I dreamed of being a ballerina myself.
Niles: So did Maris. But the poor thing could never get her weight up enough.


Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Hold it! What's that?
Madeline: What's what?
Frasier: Lilith is making love in there!
Madeline: I don't hear a thing.
Frasier: Exactly!

Quote from Lilith

Frasier: Well, if you love him, I am happy for you.
Lilith: I do. Brian has been a dutiful suitor for some time, and I'm convinced to within an acceptable margin of error that he loves me.

Quote from Daphne

Niles: Lilith, what a pleasant surprise. Well, how was Bora Bora? I've never seen you looking quite so tan.
Daphne: My God, what does she look like in winter?

Quote from Martin

Niles: Frasier, will you relax?
Frasier: I can't. It's my last chance with Madeline. Serves me right, too, after the way I behaved in Bora Bora.
Niles: You're being too hard on yourself. It was just bad luck. How were you to know that Lilith had arrived on the island?
Martin: Aside from the seas starting to churn and all the birds taking flight from the trees.

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: [up against the wall] Oh yeah. Oh, it's never been like this before. Never! [puts his ear to the wall] Nothing. Damn her! She can give as good as she gets! [starts jumping up and down on the bed] Oh yeah, oh yeah! Oh, oh, mama! Oh God, you are so hot! I am burning up! Oh, that's it, that's it! Yes! Yes! Oh, my God, yes! Keep it up, baby! Oh, you're killing me!
[Lilith and Brian appear in the doorway. Madeline emerges from the bathroom in a towel.]
Frasier: Oh, God, you're an animal. Yes! Yes! [Frasier stops when he sees Madeline, Lilith and Brian]
Madeline: Well, obviously you don't need me!

Quote from Frasier

Frasier: Put down that mango, my dear. It's time you tasted the forbidden fruit. [Lilith turns around] Yargh! Lilith!
What are you doing here?!
Lilith: I have something urgent to discuss.
Frasier: What have you done with Madeline?
Lilith: She was surprised to see me and she left. I hope you're not angry with me.
Frasier: Angry? What do I have to be angry about? Just because every time I carve out the tiniest little slice of happiness for myself you come along and obliterate it? My God, woman, I'd drive a stake through your heart, but I don't think anything could kill you!

Quote from Frasier

Lilith: Uh, Brian is a seismologist at M.I.T.
Frasier: Oh well, that's perfect. Brian being a seismologist, and you having so many faults.

Quote from Martin

Niles: That's why I couldn't help myself at the ballet fundraiser when they auctioned off this walk-on part. It was
the perfect gift for my Maris!
Martin: So Maris is gonna be a ballerina?
Niles: No. It's non-dancing, but it is a key role, Dad. She plays Ulrich, the hunchbacked drawbridge operator.
Martin: I hope we can pick her out.

Quote from Frasier

Madeline: When I come back, I'll make you forget you were ever married to Lilith.
Frasier: That's never happened before without a prescription.

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