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The Walk to the Door

‘The Walk to the Door’

Season 5, Episode 7 -  Aired November 6, 2000

When Ray and his family attend a wedding, he runs into a girl he dated in high school, bringing up memories of guilt for not walking her to her door.

Quote from Frank

Debra: Regret, please?
Ray: Okay. All right. I regret not loving you more. Yes. Yes, you deserve all the love that can fit in the ocean.
Frank: [laughs] Oh, man!
Marie: I thought that was beautiful, Frank. Why can't you say something like that?
Frank: All right. [clears throat] I would love it if you were in the ocean.


Quote from Frank

Frank: When are we gonna get there?
Ray: I told you to go before we leave. Stop kicking the back of my seat!
Marie: Ignore him. He just doesn't like weddings.
Frank: I had a bad experience once.

Quote from Marie

Marie: Funny. Talking about regrets. I've got regrets. [Ray and Debra look away] Probably too many regrets to mention.
Frank: Okay then.
Marie: I- I've I've done things that I just feel terrible about to all of you.
Ray: All right, Ma.
Debra: Wait, let her speak.
Marie: Like to you, Debra. I've always regretted not being more nurturing to you when you first started out as a wife and a mother. Honey, I'm sorry.
Debra: Oh, Marie. That's nice.
Marie: Because now, at this point, what can I do?
Debra: It must feel good to get that off your chest.
Marie: Yeah, it does feel good.

Quote from Robert

Robert: So, three couples and me. On this joyous day of love and togetherness, the cheese stands alone.
Marie: You're not alone. You have us.
Robert: Super!

Quote from Marie

Marie: And Raymond, I've always regretted not toughening you up when you were a boy.
Ray: I'm tough.
Marie: No, you're not. And Robert.
Robert: Yes?
Marie: Actually, I don't have any regrets about how I raised you, dear.
Robert: You've gotta be kidding.
Marie: And Frank... Some regrets speak for themselves.

Quote from Frank

Frank: Enough with all this crap! Regret is a waste of time. My father used to be working on the road 40 weeks a year. When he'd come back home, you think he had time for regrets? He'd have a drink, punish me for whatever I did, and then hit the road again. Okay, so what am I gonna do? Ask him to quit his job so he can play with me or something?
Marie: Oh, Frank.
Frank: What?
Marie: You never told me anything about this. See? It's good to talk. Come on, open up to me. I'm here for you.
Frank: Okay, look, I was lying about my old man. He was a jolly guy who gave me puppies and chocolate coins, so just slide back over, okay?

Quote from Ray

Robert: All right. There is something I always felt bad about. When Joanne and I were first going out, I took her to this party at my sergeant's house. And at dinner she started to tell this joke, and I guess she thought it was pretty funny, but nobody else did and no one laughed. Which would've been one thing, but I didn't laugh either. She just sat there, embarrassed. I mean, what kind of a guy-
Debra: [to Ray] You used his regret?! You couldn't think of one thing on your own, so you had to steal his regret?! You stole his regret!
Robert: You stole my regret?
Ray: Well, I definitely have something I regret doing to you now, soda pop.

Quote from Frank

Marie: Well, I'm looking forward to seeing our old neighbors. The Stedmans and the Garinis and the Di Vincenzos.
Frank: Which ones were they again?
Robert: You kicked in their Halloween pumpkin 'cause you thought it was a caricature of you.
Frank: Oh, yeah.

Quote from Debra

Ray: I just remember Mom saying, "If Elizabeth Garini asks you, you should go! It'll be fun!"
Debra: Oh, so your mom was pimping for you?
Marie: I don't like that, Debra.

Quote from Frank

Ari: Hey there, tablemates. How you doing? I'm Ari Armon. This is my wife, Marcy.
Frank: What are you so happy about? Don't you see this table placement is an insult? They stuck us in the corner by the kitchen.
Marie: Come on, it's fine, Frank.
Frank: It's not fine. We're at table 19 out of 20 tables. And table 20 is filled with embarrassing family nut-jobs. No offense.

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