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The Getaway

‘The Getaway’

Season 3, Episode 21 - Aired April 5, 1999

Ray and Debra take a weekend trip to a bed and breakfast in Vermont.

Quote from Ray

Debra: Okay, all right. Then how do your parents feel about the Adirondacks?
Ray: What do you do there?
Debra: You rent a nice house. Look at this. Right on the lake.
Ray: We'd be staying in someone else's house?
Debra: They won't be there, Ray.
Ray: I don't sleep where other people have slept.
Debra: What do you think hotels are?
Ray: You're yelling. Why are you yelling?


Quote from Debra

Debra: Okay, come on, we've got pick one.
Ray: Okay, give me a minute. I just walked in the door.
Debra: I thought you'd be excited.
Ray: I will be. It's just if I get excited now I won't be able to sustain the level of excitement throughout the trip.
Debra: Yeah, trouble sustaining, we know.

Quote from Robert

Ray: You ever been to one of these bed and breakfasts?
Robert: Yeah, with my ex-wife.
Ray: How was it?
Robert: Did you not catch the end of that sentence?

Quote from Marie

Marie: Hello, dear.
Robert: What are you doing here?
Marie: Cleaning.
Robert: Ma, listen, I'm in charge while Raymond is away, all right?
Marie: Of course you are, dear. You're doing a wonderful job. The twins could use a nap.
Robert: I'm handling this.
Marie: I know, dear. I can hear through the vent. Have you thought about dinner?
Robert: I'm ordering pizza.
Marie: No, pizza's not dinner. I'll fix something.
Robert: Did you know she was here?
Ally: Grandma's always here.

Quote from Ray

Debra: Okay, so now here's an old Colonial inn near Tanglewood.
Ray: What's Tanglewood?
Debra: They have classical music. Here's the concert schedule.
Ray: And here's my face.
Debra: Or we can stay at The Plaza, eat at Le Cirque and see a show.
Ray: No, my parents make fun of people who stay at The Plaza.
Debra: What, my parents stay at The Plaza.
Ray: Eh...

Quote from Ray

Ray: A tour of Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory. Can that be a trip?
Debra: Yes, it can. Yes, it can. Because the factory's in Vermont. See, the wild flowers are blooming. And we can stay at this cute bed and breakfast.
Ray: Why don't we just stay at Ben & Jerry's house?
Debra: I'm calling Vermont.
Ray: Free samples. I'll bet there's a catch.

Quote from Amy

Debra: Amy, I'm going to Vermont tomorrow. I have nothing to take on this trip.
Amy: You have a husband. Lots of things go with that.
Debra: Well, right now I'd trade him for a pair of pants that make my butt look smaller.
Amy: You know what makes your butt look smaller? A husband.

Quote from Frank

Frank: Delivery!
Ray: What's that?
Frank: Your mother's moving in.
Ray: What?
Marie: Hello, dear.
Frank: Tag! You're it!

Quote from Ray

Ray: What's all this?
Marie: Well, I'm babysitting for you while you're on your getaway, remember?
Ray: Oh, okay, but we don't leave until tomorrow, so leave until tomorrow.

Quote from Robert

Robert: So I'm a nice guy to have over, but you wouldn't want me staying here.
Marie: What, Robert?
Robert: Nothing. Wasn't asked, wasn't considered.
Marie: What were you considered for, dear?
Robert: Let's see, today's category: child care.
Ray: Look, Robert. I didn't think-
Robert: Oh, you didn't think! Why would you think someone who's trained in CPR, public safety and conflict resolution would be able to babysit?

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