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The Finale

‘The Finale’

Season 9, Episode 16 -  Aired May 16, 2005

After Ray has minor surgery, there's a brief moment when the doctors worry he isn't coming around.

Quote from Robert

Robert: Raymond has his adenoids out, the whole world has to stop.
Amy: Oh, Robert, it's okay. He feels better that we're here.
Robert: Oh, he has no feelings. The only reason I'm here is because Ma knows that I'm the same blood type as him.
Marie: Not everything's about you, Robert. And keep your sleeves rolled up.
Robert: Maybe I had other things to do today.
Marie: Enough. This is what a family does. We stick together. We support each other.
Robert: Stop looking at my veins!


Quote from Debra

Marie: Raymond! Oh, Raymond. Oh, my sweet Raymond. [climbs on the bed with Ray & Debra]
Ray: Ma. Whoa, Ma. Oh, Ma. Ma, please!
Debra: I knew one day this would happen.

Quote from Frank

Robert: Aww, wook at wittle Waymond, all upset, 'cause they're gonna take his little adenoids out.
Ray: Forget about it. I'm not doing it.
Debra: Yes, you are. What kind of example do you think you're setting for the kids?
Frank: Yeah, and while you're in there, have the doctor look at your unenjoyable testicle.
Ray: It's undescended, Dad.
Frank: Yes, and do you enjoy it that way?

Quote from Frank

Robert: Why don't you just quit babying him, Ma, huh? They should just rip out your adenoids and be done with it.
Frank: Yeah, just go in, drop your drawers, bing, bang, boom.
Debra: Drop your drawers?
Robert: Do you even know where the adenoids are, Dad?
Frank: Sure, around back with the rest of the "oids."

Quote from Robert

Ray: What about you, Robert?
Robert: What? It was nothing. Oh, no, now I remember. I was thinking, with that nose you're gonna need an open casket.

Quote from Frank

Ray: So... What? I mean, what? You didn't think of anything?
Frank: Hey! I was there and I saw your wife fall apart. I never saw her look like that. And I'll tell you, I never wanna see her look like that again.
Ray: Yeah?
Debra: A little.

Quote from Robert

Nurse: Debra Barone?
Debra: Yeah. Hi. How'd it go?
Nurse: Mrs. Barone, are there any allergies or conditions your husband may have neglected to tell us about?
Debra: What do you mean? Why?
Nurse: Well, we're having difficulty bringing him out of anesthesia.
Debra: What?
Nurse: He should have been out by now. He's not responding. His blood pressure's dropped below a certain level.
Debra: Robert!
Robert: What is it? What?
Debra: He's not-
Robert: What? Raymond?
Amy: What's happening?
Debra: He's not waking up.
Robert: Let me go in there. I'm his blood type. No, no, listen to me. He is my brother. I can wake him up. Raymond!

Quote from Marie

Ray: Debra doesn't care, Ma. You know, she actually said that getting your adenoids out is no big deal.
Marie: It's a very big deal. They want to take a piece of my Raymond away. I have all the medicine we need right here. I made you some minestrone soup. All right, children, you don't have to eat any more of that.
Kids: Yay.
Marie: Sit down. Okay, here. Now put your face right in here, like that, and breathe in. It's all good for you.
Debra: Marie, you really think food is gonna take care of Ray's adenoid problem?
Marie: I think good food will.

Quote from Frank

Ray: Ma. What what are you doing?
Frank: Marie, come on, get out of there. Come back across the street with me.
Marie: I'm not speaking to you.
Frank: Even better. Just get out of there.

Quote from Ray

Debra: Frank, what did you do?
Frank: I told her what happened.
Debra: What?
Frank: She beat it out of me.
Ray: Would somebody please tell me why my worst nightmare is coming true?!

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