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Snow Day

‘Snow Day’

Season 6, Episode 14 -  Aired January 14, 2002

After a snow storm hits right before they head to the airport, Debra and Ray spend the night at Frank and Marie's house.

Quote from Marie

Marie: You know what this reminds me of?
Ray: Something sad and cold and boring?
Marie: No, silly. No. It reminds me of our old New Year's Eve parties. Remember, Frank? Back when people could stand you?
Frank: [chuckles] Yeah.


Quote from Amy

Robert: I don't know, Ma. I think you're making way too big of a deal out of this.
Ray: Yeah, what she said to Dad. She was just surprised how different he was acting. He was all delightful and...
Amy: Kind of sexy. I don't know anymore.

Quote from Ray

Debra: No, she's not right! Ray, what is wrong with you?!
Ray: As if you don't know.
Debra: Wait, are you drunk?
Ray: Don't be "perposterous."
Debra: You are.
Marie: No, he's fine. Go ahead, Raymond. You were saying I was right or something.

Quote from Ray

Ray: You don't think you're better than Frank Barone? You think that my father, a known baboon's ass, is your equal?
Debra: Yes.
Ray: You guys buy that?
Robert: It does seem a little hard to believe.
Marie: I mean, Frank is disgusting.
Amy: I thought he was sexy, so I got my own problems.

Quote from Marie

Marie: Very good. Now do me, Raymond.
Ray: You! Where do I begin? Judgmental! Childish! Meddlesome! A world-class buttinsky! I mean... [points to Marie]
Marie: A-ha!
Ray: You don't think you're better than this?
Debra: No, I do not.
Marie: Now she's just being stubborn.

Quote from Frank

Debra: Hey, Frank. [Frank throws a snowball] Nice shot.
Frank: Back in the day, I could take out the window of a milk truck at 30 yards.
Debra: Hey, listen, I'm sorry about what I said before. I really didn't mean it.
Frank: Eh, don't worry about it.
Debra: No, I was mad about our trip, and I hurt your feelings. If it's any consolation, it's been horrible in there since you left.
Frank: Oh, yeah?
Debra: Yeah.
Frank: You know, I guess I got mad 'cause I always thought it was you and me against all of them in there.
Debra: What?
Frank: I- I mean, like, you and me, we're not like them. You know?
Debra: Oh, yeah. I guess. Maybe...
Frank: No, trust me, we're not like them. They're loonies.

Quote from Ray

Debra: [on the phone] Okay, Ally, we'll see you in a week. Uh-huh. Have fun in Connecticut, and you do what Grandma tells you, okay?
Ray: Or you'll be sent back to this Grandma.
Debra: No, no, honey. He's kidding. He's kidding. Okay, honey, we love you. Bye-bye. Bye.
Ray: Bye-bye.

Quote from Debra

Debra: Ray, you're not even packed? Amy's gonna be here any second.
Ray: What, what? I'm packed.
Debra: That's it?
Ray: All I need is my golf clothes. The rest of the time I'm gonna be naked, lettin' your eyes enjoy the party.
Debra: There better be booze at that party.

Quote from Marie

Marie: Amy, how's Gianni?
Amy: Why? Did he say something? Did he say he broke up with me? 'Cause the truth is it was totally mutual!
Marie: Oh.
Amy: Actually, it's fine. It's perfectly fine. We had fun for a while, but it turns out he's awful and afraid to be happy.
Marie: I'm sorry, dear. [touches Robert's back] Tuck in your shirt.
Robert: Get the hell outta here! Git!

Quote from Robert

Debra: Frank! Come on! Please come in! He's just standing out there.
Amy: "I can't believe I'm actually having a good time with you"? Why would you say that, Deb?
Debra: I was- I was trying to say something nice, it just came out wrong.
Robert: Not just wrong. Mean.

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