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Quote from Marie in Left Back

Marie: Raymond, don't worry about the boys. They're beautiful, sweet boys. They're gonna fly away soon enough.
Ray: Yeah, all right, Ma, look, I want them to move up to kindergarten and be with the other children.
Marie: Other children are overrated. But it won't hurt Michael and Geoffrey to stay little one more year. You know, that's what I did with you.
Ray: What?
Marie: [chuckles] It's funny. I never told you this, but when you were the twins' age... Do you remember a nursery school that used to be on "J" Street with the pretty yellow flowers out front? Well, you and I would walk there and back together every morning. You were so cute holding my hand. So when it came time for you to go to kindergarten which was across town with the bus, I decided it would be nice for everybody if you stayed in preschool one more year.
Ray: You left me back?
Marie: Left back for love.
Frank: That and you were slow. I remember you couldn't even cut paper.
Robert: Hee hee.
Ray: Wait. What? What was wrong with me?
Marie: Nothing, sweetie. You were just a little young too. So you stayed there one more year, and we got to walk by the yellow flowers some more.


 ‘Left Back’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Frank: What, now you're mad? I don't get you two! I'm thinking of the kid. You know, we thought that leaving little Raymond back didn't hurt him any, but who the crap knows? You could have been a year ahead in your life right now. That car you're saving up for? You could be driving that today. You could have bought the house a year sooner, met Debra a year sooner, had the kids a year sooner which if you did, by the way, would put Michael right on track and we wouldn't have to have this conversation!
Debra: All right, just hold it, Frank. Do you wanna help the kids? Why don't you start by setting a decent moral example? None of this matters! Do you understand? They're four. We just want them to be healthy and happy!
Frank: Good luck on that one.
Debra: That's where you get it from.
Ray: That's great. I'm gonna be stupid and bald.

Quote from Marie

Ray: You tell your brother this!
Robert: I couldn't.
Ray: Why?
Robert: Because.
Ray: Because why?
Robert: Because I felt sorry for you.
Ray: You felt sorry for me? You felt sorry for me?
Debra: Ray, it was just pre- [Ray groans]
Robert: I was just- [Ray groans]
Frank: Uh... [Ray groans and walks out]
Marie: Maybe I should have waited another year to tell him.

Quote from Frank

Marie: Raymond's upset. It's okay, dear. It's just preschool.
Debra: That's what I told him. And if he has to stay, Geoffrey will stay with him.
Marie: Oh, that's good.
Frank: No, no, no!
Debra: Why not, Frank?
Frank: Law of nature, you get left behind, you get eaten. You're too soft on the kids. You gotta push 'em, push 'em forward. Just keep pushing 'em!
Debra: Until when, Frank?
Frank: Until they cry. That's nature's way of letting you know you've pushed enough.
Robert: Here's a man they let have two children.