Ray Quote #1926

Quote from Ray in Ally's F

Debra: Come on. You gotta feel bad for the guy.
Ray: What? He's the teacher.
Debra: So?
Ray: I'm sorry, but this is his job, and he gets paid good money to do it.
Debra: Good money?
Ray: Plus he's got a teacher's lounge, a gym, the tetherball... He's got a sweet deal here.


 ‘Ally's F’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Ray: You did that? Well, why didn't you tell me?
Marie: Because you should respect teachers. Plus, Robert would've wanted me to do it for him.
Robert: Why wouldn't you do it for me? How about when I was 13 years old and my basketball coach called me "the useless giraffe"?
Frank: You were 6'5". You couldn't get a couple of rebounds?

Quote from Frank

Frank: Pulled their asses out of two wars, the French. What did they give us? A disgusting way to kiss.
Robert: Who are you talking to, Dad?
Ray: Where was that attitude when I needed it? You could've defended me.
Frank: What, and walk all the way to the school? I wasn't putting on pants for that.

Quote from Marie

Ray: Yeah, you never stuck up for me. You always took the teacher's side. And you too, Ma. Just like Debra's doing now. That's right. The same!
Marie: Excuse me, Raymond. I was not like Debra. I did defend you with Monsieur LeFevre.
Ray: What? Why, what'd you do?
Marie: I went down to that school and gave that man a piece of my mind, even though your behavior in that class was deplorable and is the reason that you and I cannot converse in French today.