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Quote from Ray in The Ingrate

Debra: You have to admit, you're not the most professorial kind of guy.
Ray: I can be exceedingly professorial.
Debra: No, I know. I was just remembering that time you read the word "stohma-cha-chuh."
Ray: What's your point?
Debra: You read "stohma-cha-chuh." And the word really is...
Ray: Stomachache.
Debra: I am just teasing you.
Ray: Yeah, right.
Debra: No, come on. Kiss me again. For once, I don't have a "heada-cha-chuh."


 ‘The Ingrate’ Quotes

Quote from Robert

Amy: Go ahead, Robert.
Robert: Uh, Raymond, your success is your success and not my failure. And so as any good brother should be, I am happy for you.
Frank: Both my sons are whipped!
Robert: However, Raymond, if anybody should get credit for your success, it should be me.
Amy: Robert!
Robert: That's right! Admit it! You owe your success to the pathological desire you've always had to be better than me!
Ray: What?
Robert: That's right. Remember in school? I was the writer on the paper. Before you even knew how to pick up a pencil, I had my own column, "The View from Up Here."
Ray: You've gotta be kidding me!

Quote from Marie

Marie: So, you just cast aside the mother. Let me tell you. It didn't start with a smile. It started with 19 hours of horrible labor.
Frank: But before that, there was a smile.
Marie: Also horrible.

Quote from Ray

Ray: All right, stop it. Stop it! Stop it! Nothing's ever enough for anybody in this house! What do you want? You want- Okay, here it is. You ready? Everybody? Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Robert. I owe my career to you. That column you did in grammar school about noogies versus wedgies, that's the reason that I go to work every day. And, Amy, I don't know what I did before you came into this family to point out my mistakes, but thank you! And Dad! There's something I always wanted to say to you. I've never said it before, but I'm gonna say it right now! You are the mole on the backside of my success. Sweet Mama. Without your pushing, I would still be in your womb. And you, wife without you, I'd have nothing but "heart-acha-chuh." [exits]
Robert: He thanked me first.
Debra: He saved me for last.
Marie: He said the most meaningful things about me.
Frank: Why was he so fruity?