Everybody Loves Raymond - Gianni Quote #21

Quote from Gianni in The Contractor

Ray: All right, look, can you get us a replacement?
Gianni: For this? Yeah. Jump in a time machine and buy one off a Pilgrim.


‘The Contractor’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Frank: I told you I still had to tweak it!
Debra: I know, but it has a lot of problems, Frank. I mean, most of the time, I can barely use it.
Marie: Oh, dear. Can we really blame the stove?

Quote from Marie

Marie: Sweetie, you should know by now you're not a man who can lift things.

Quote from Debra

Debra: I'm sure you'll work it out with him.
Ray: Yeah, we'll see.
Debra: I'm still your friend.
Ray: You're a girl. You know, I guess, uh... I'm gonna be out of commission for a while.
Debra: Don't worry. It's not like Van Gogh lost his paintbrush.

Gianni Quotes

Quote from The Contractor

Ray: Listen, you beat me by a few strokes, okay? That's only 'cause my back was acting up.
Gianni: Your back. You know why that is? 'Cause your nose throws you off balance.

Quote from Sleepover at Peggy's

Gianni: Well, seems to me like you were asking for it.
Ray: What?!
Gianni: Sorry, in the animal kingdom, you stick your caboose in the air, that's as good as a marriage proposal.
Ray: Shut up!
Robert: Yeah, he's right. I believe the term is "presenting."
Gianni: Face it, Ray. This chick's got the hots for you.
Robert: Yep! She's in love!
Ray: No! No! No, she-she hates me!
Gianni: Sounds like maybe her old man hasn't been minding the store.
Ray: No! The ol' man's gone. She's divorced.
Gianni & Robert: Oh!

Quote from Favors

Debra: Hey, guys. How was golf?
Ray: Oh, it was great.
Gianni: Yeah, great. [as Ray] "Muhammad Ali sent me a letter. I love Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Ali loves me."