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Quote from Frank in Stefania Arrives

Frank: I think you did a good thing bringing Stefania here.
Marie: Oh, thank you, Frank.
Frank: We should do, like, a foreign exchange. She comes here; You go there.


 ‘Stefania Arrives’ Quotes

Quote from Robert

Marie: Oh, Robby!
Frank: Hello, son.
Robert: What's wrong?
Marie: What do you mean, dear?
Robert: The happiness. What gives?
Frank: What, we can't be happy to see you?
Robert: Historically, no.

Quote from Ray

Ray: Okay, see this? This Cream of Wheat, that's you and Stefania.
Robert: What?
Ray: Stay with me. All right? Now here's you guys in Italy. See, all hot and heavy.
Marie: No, that's too much.
Ray: That's right. You can't keep it like that, right?
Marie: No, turn it down.
Ray: Well, what's gonna happen to Robert and Stefania if I keep it like that?
Marie: They're gonna get all dried out and crusty.
Ray: Right. Right, right. Robert, you want it to last, you gotta cool things down a little. See, like this.
Marie: Thank God.
Ray: That's how it is for me and Debra. Just a little low flame. Our Cream of Wheat could just sit on that for years.
Debra: Hands off, girls, he's mine.

Quote from Robert

Marie: You know, Robby. Robby, I know that you've been lonely and in need of some company, so I have a little surprise for you. [opens door]
Ray: What took so long? I got bags here.
Robert: This is it? I didn't like this surprise when you gave it to me 40 years ago.