Ray Quote #987

Quote from Ray in Italy

Marie: All right, everyone, now we don't have time to dawdle. Oh, we've gotta start sightseeing if we're going to stick to my itinerary. Get up, Frank. Come on, everyone. We're gonna have fun, fun with Grandma. Come on, come on. Whoo, here we go.
Debra: [to Ray] She did pay for the trip.
Ray: And now we pay.


 ‘Italy’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Frank: It's a beautiful place, huh?
Ray: Oh, yeah, yeah, good night.
Frank: I'll tell ya, when your mother told me she'd been hiding that money from me, I was thinking what dress to lay her out in. And now I'm here, in friggin' Italy. It's like a dream. I'm from Lynbrook. I worked my whole life. I never thought I'd be in such a place.
Ray: I was just wondering, could your leg be in another place?
Frank: I happen to be serious.
Ray: All right, okay.
Frank: No, I know I- I complain about stuff and all that, but I'm a lucky man. [emotional] I'm a very lucky man.

Quote from Debra

Frank: All right, listen up. Your mother wants to... I don't know.
Marie: I said announce me, Frank. What kind of announcing is that?
Frank: Just do it. Everything has to be a big deal.
Marie: You have to ruin everything? Is that why you're here?
Frank: Why don't you jump up a cow's-
Ray: Hey, hey! What?
Frank: We're going to Italy.
Marie: Yeah.
Debra: Forever?

Quote from Debra

Debra: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Ray: Yeah, listen, listen, stop dancing, stop. Stop. You understand that this is a vacation with my family, okay? Don't we want a vacation from my family?
Debra: If they're gonna bother me anyway, I'll take bothered in Italy.
Ray: But we were gonna go to the Jersey shore.
Debra: Italy. Free trip to Italy.
Ray: I don't know. I'm not really interested in other cultures.
Debra: Okay, you know, in the past, your dumbness has gotten in the way of just like a few things that I've wanted to do: the book club, theater, having conversations. But I just wanna say this one thing, and we won't have to discuss it anymore: You're not blowing this for me, pal! We're going to Italy!