Frank Quote #413

Quote from Frank in Italy

Frank: It's a beautiful place, huh?
Ray: Oh, yeah, yeah, good night.
Frank: I'll tell ya, when your mother told me she'd been hiding that money from me, I was thinking what dress to lay her out in. And now I'm here, in friggin' Italy. It's like a dream. I'm from Lynbrook. I worked my whole life. I never thought I'd be in such a place.
Ray: I was just wondering, could your leg be in another place?
Frank: I happen to be serious.
Ray: All right, okay.
Frank: No, I know I- I complain about stuff and all that, but I'm a lucky man. [emotional] I'm a very lucky man.


 ‘Italy’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Marie: Oh, Raymond, I can't believe we're here. These are the Spanish Steps.
Ray: Spanish? I knew we were walking too long.
Marie: La Isla del Corda, according to my book-
Ray: Okay, sorry I asked.
Debra: Okay, come on, we're going up.
Ray: Do we have to, really?
Debra: Ray, this is the Spanish Steps.
Ray: Where's the Spanish Elevator?

Quote from Debra

Frank: All right, listen up. Your mother wants to... I don't know.
Marie: I said announce me, Frank. What kind of announcing is that?
Frank: Just do it. Everything has to be a big deal.
Marie: You have to ruin everything? Is that why you're here?
Frank: Why don't you jump up a cow's-
Ray: Hey, hey! What?
Frank: We're going to Italy.
Marie: Yeah.
Debra: Forever?

Quote from Debra

Debra: Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Ray: Yeah, listen, listen, stop dancing, stop. Stop. You understand that this is a vacation with my family, okay? Don't we want a vacation from my family?
Debra: If they're gonna bother me anyway, I'll take bothered in Italy.
Ray: But we were gonna go to the Jersey shore.
Debra: Italy. Free trip to Italy.
Ray: I don't know. I'm not really interested in other cultures.
Debra: Okay, you know, in the past, your dumbness has gotten in the way of just like a few things that I've wanted to do: the book club, theater, having conversations. But I just wanna say this one thing, and we won't have to discuss it anymore: You're not blowing this for me, pal! We're going to Italy!