Debra Quote #284

Quote from Debra in Robert's Divorce

Debra: You know what I liked best about that movie? We had to leave our house to see it. This is the first movie we've seen since we had the twins!
Ray: Hey, you're the one whose egg divided.
Debra: And you know what? Your mother told me they would babysit the kids whenever we wanted. It is just so great that we moved across the street from them.


 ‘Robert's Divorce’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Frank: Where's the guy with the water already? I'm dying here.
Marie: Good. Before you go, would you make a toast?
Frank: Okay. Here's to water. The earth is covered with it. Where the hell is my share?

Quote from Frank

Amy: Oh my God, so that's Robert's ex-wife?
Debra: Yep, the infamous Joanne.
Marie: [spits]
Ray: Mom, stuff's coming out!
Frank: I almost didn't recognize her without her broomstick and flying monkeys.

Quote from Ray

Robert: Three minutes ago I was watching cartoons and eating a banana. She still there?
Ray: No. What's scary is, I think I just saw a bat fly away.