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Quote from Frank in What's with Robert?

Marie: Hello, dear. You're just in time for pancakes.
Frank: Hey, those are my pancakes. Why can't he wait for the next batch?
Marie: I love him.
Ray: Oh, boy, these are good!
Frank: I've been sitting here a half an hour. Tomorrow you're gonna read my obit: "Local Man Dies Waiting for Flapjacks."
Marie: "Marie Barone Dances in Street."
Frank: "Disaster Declared. President to Visit Street."


 ‘What's with Robert?’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Marie: Sit down, dear.
Robert: No, it's just this thing with Amy was, I couldn't commit right now. I don't know what it is. Maybe she's not the one for me.
Marie: Is it because she's a woman?
Robert: Oh, my God! Is there a gas leak in here?
Marie: I just want to tell you that your father and I love you and we'll support you no matter what. Right, Frank? [Frank is cooling his head with a milk carton] I'll support you.
Robert: Thanks, Ma.
Marie: Even if you are gay.

Quote from Frank

Marie: What are you reading?
Frank: The obituaries. [chuckles] I beat all these guys.

Quote from Marie

Marie: Oh, forget it, Raymond. Forget it, it's no use. I've seen how your father acts in front of people who happen to be homosexual. He's the same ass he is in front of us.
Ray: You know some homosexual people?
Marie: Of course we do! My second cousin Frieda.
Frank: What?
Marie: You knew that.
Frank: I most certainly did not.
Marie: Why do you think she never got married?
Frank: Because she looks like a pit bull.
Marie: She even brought her girlfriend to our anniversary party.
Frank: That blue hair who ate all the meatballs?
Marie: They've been together for years. Midge.
Ray: And you have no problem with this?
Marie: It would have been nice if she left some meatballs for the other guests, but I have no problems with the gay people.