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Quote from Amy in What's with Robert?

Amy: Robert set me up. I mean, you don't give your girlfriend of two years a little velvet box for her birthday and not have it be an engagement ring!
Debra: Oh, Amy, I don't have any chocolate, but bite the heads off these animal crackers.
Amy: Thanks.
Debra: So, what was in the box?
Amy: Oh, one of those beautiful pearl we're-never-getting-married necklaces.
Debra: Oh. You just gotta give it time. You and Robert will get married eventually.
Amy: No. We talked about it. You know when he asked me why I threw the velvet box at his head. He told me, "I still don't know what I want. It's not you, it's me."
Debra: Oh, God. "It's not you, it's me." That's on the "Guys' Greatest Hits" album.


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Quote from Frank

Marie: Hello, dear. You're just in time for pancakes.
Frank: Hey, those are my pancakes. Why can't he wait for the next batch?
Marie: I love him.
Ray: Oh, boy, these are good!
Frank: I've been sitting here a half an hour. Tomorrow you're gonna read my obit: "Local Man Dies Waiting for Flapjacks."
Marie: "Marie Barone Dances in Street."
Frank: "Disaster Declared. President to Visit Street."

Quote from Marie

Marie: Sit down, dear.
Robert: No, it's just this thing with Amy was, I couldn't commit right now. I don't know what it is. Maybe she's not the one for me.
Marie: Is it because she's a woman?
Robert: Oh, my God! Is there a gas leak in here?
Marie: I just want to tell you that your father and I love you and we'll support you no matter what. Right, Frank? [Frank is cooling his head with a milk carton] I'll support you.
Robert: Thanks, Ma.
Marie: Even if you are gay.

Quote from Frank

Marie: What are you reading?
Frank: The obituaries. [chuckles] I beat all these guys.