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Quote from Marie in No Thanks

Marie: All right, Deb, we're gonna... All right, we've had in the past, we've had our share of tiffs but I truly believe it's because you misunderstand me. I am not interested in a relationship of artificial pleasantries and phony smiles. You never ever have to pretend with me. I'm always honest with you, aren't I? And if I see something that you desperately need help with, like cooking, cleaning, the children, your hair, I care so much that I have to say something 'cause I want to help. Oh, honey. You don't have to be worried, dear. I forgive you for today. And I'm always here to help.
Ray: Voila.


 ‘No Thanks’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Ray: What are you doing? A whole day cooking with my mother.
Debra: Hey, look, unless I make an effort to change my behavior, I can't expect your family to change theirs.
And you could try this too, you know?
Ray: Why? I'm used to them. It's like getting into a hot bath. At first it's so hot that you don't think you can take it, but then, you know, once you get your luggage in, it's not that bad.

Quote from Debra

Debra: Marie, you were criticizing me, asking me if I knew how to stir, explaining a rolling pin to me.
Marie: No, I was just offering you useful advice like I always do.
Debra: "Advice."
Marie: Of course. It's one of the joys of my life. But today for some reason, you seemed to take it so badly.
Debra: What?!
Ray: [to Robert] Excuse me one second. Hold on. Can you pass the canapes, please?
Debra: Badly? I was laughing. I was making jokes about myself.
Marie: I know, and to be honest, I found that terribly sarcastic.
Debra: What do you mean, sarcastic?
Marie: Well, it means a sort of phony facade.
Debra: I think I know what sarcastic means.

Quote from Debra

Ray: If you gobble, then she'll get bored, and she'll just leave you alone.
Debra: Thanks.
Ray: "Oh, Debra, I envy you, the way you can just roll out of bed and put on anything and not even care." "Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble."
Debra: You know what? You might be right.
Ray: What?
Debra: Everything I told Ally about pretending it doesn't bother her, why haven't I tried that with your mother?
Ray: Because that's how you deal with children. Yeah, okay but normal children. This one's big and a little off her nut.
Debra: No, no. Every time Marie says something mean or insulting, I get mad. Maybe that's why she keeps doing it. I should just change the way I react to her. God, that's in every book.
Ray: [scoffs] Books. There's nothing wrong with how you react.
Debra: Ray, I wanted to hit her with a frying pan.
Ray: Get in line.