Everybody Loves Raymond - Marie Quote #169

Quote from Marie in The Sitter

Debra: Thanks again, Marie. I'm just gonna do a little shopping with Ray.
Marie: I'm sorry the situation with the girl didn't work out. She seemed sweet, but children watching children? [shakes head]
Debra: Ally, honey, come on. Okay well, I really appreciate this.
Marie: Please, you know how I love doing this, and I don't want you to think that you even have to apologize.
Debra: I'm sorry, Marie.
Marie: Oh, that is so unnecessary. [hugs Debra] Oh, just knowing that you feel bad is enough for me.


‘The Sitter’ Quotes

Quote from Marie

Ray: Where are the children?
Marie: They're in Ally's room. I didn't want them to see me like this.
Debra: Oh, my. Marie, I-- God. I feel terrible.
Robert: [enters] Here we go. I'm here for you, Ma. I told Nemo you were hurt, he threw in some free breadsticks.
Marie: Oh, these seem old.
Frank: You are what you eat.
Marie: Oh. Oh. Robby, give your father his order of miserable bastard.

Quote from Debra

Ray: Hey, Teletubby. Oh, what happened here? What happened?
Debra: Nothing happened, okay? Today happened. I didn't get any cleaning done because of this nightmare I had at the supermarket. I mean, I'm there with the kids and they're just taking stuff off the shelves. They're opening and eating things and sticking it back anywhere. And then they pulled down the salsa display, you know, and they're swimming in it. Do you know how embarrassing that is to hear over the P.A., "Uh, Mrs. Barone, would you please remove your children from Ethnic Foods?"
Ray: Huh. So we have salsa?
Debra: We have nothing, Ray. I had to leave in shame.
Ray: So, did you go to the bank?
Debra: I did not get to the bank, Ray, no, because the kids were a little too picante, you know.

Quote from Marie

Marie: You hired a babysitter.
Debra: Well, you know, to tell you the truth, she's-- she's really good with young kids, 'cause she's an early education major, and l-l just thought she'd give us a little more flexibility. You know, of course, Marie, we would call you first, but we just-- we didn't want keep taking advantage of the fact that you live across the street, because-- I mean that's not really fair to you, right? Because you have things to do. I mean, you have a life.
Marie: I think that's very considerate. I appreciate you thinking about me. Thank you.
Debra: Yeah, sure, great, because, you know-- Oh, you're welcome. Because, you know, we didn't want you to think that we--
Robert: [enters] Hey, Mom, the cutlets smell great. I turned the heat down for you.
Marie: Don't tell me how to cook. I know how to cook! I'm not that old! And who are you to turn down my meat? [exits]
Robert: Oh my God, I covered her mashed potatoes! [runs after Marie]

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Quote from Lucky Suit

Agent Garfield: Mrs. Barone, you seem like an intelligent woman.
Marie: Thank you. Have a cookie.
Agent Garfield: Do you really think that a mother interfering to the extent that you have could possibly help a man get a job with the FBI? There's something else going on.
Marie: He was supposed to retire! He's a year away from not being a police officer. Which means I could stop worrying about him every second of the day. I want him to be safe. Now he wants to go from one dangerous job to another? How long do I have to walk around with a knot in my stomach? Forever? I can't do it anymore. It's too much. But he wants this job. It'll make him happy. And he should be happy. So, yes, he should have this job. Please, give him this job.
Agent Garfield: I can't do that.
Marie: No. No, don't blame him, you can punish me! Put one of those tracking things on my legs so I can't get out of the house. And if you met my husband, you'd know that's punishment enough.

Quote from Marie's Sculpture

Marie: Raymond, do you see what they see?
Ray: Um... I don't know.
Marie: No, tell me the truth.
Ray: Well... Maybe if I squint a little.
Marie: Oh, my God, I'm a lesbian!

Quote from Grandpa Steals

Ray: All right, look, Dad. We think you should know that Ally was kind of upset about what happened with the guy at the market.
Frank: Okay. Turn the TV back on.
Marie: Wait a second. What happened?
Frank: Aw, the jackass fruit guy accused me of stealing.
Marie: Frank, please! They're homosexuals.