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Quote from Debra in The Wedding: Part 1

Ray: Why don't we just sit? I'll sit over here. And we'll just... You know what we'll do? We'll eat some carrot sticks and we'll talk.
Debra: Ray, I told you, I'm not having sex on your mom's plastic couch.
Ray: But I don't want- No, I don't want sex, all right? I want a carrot, that's all.
Debra: Okay, we'll go to your room. Come on.


 ‘The Wedding: Part 1’ Quotes

Quote from Debra

Debra: Come here. I gotta show you all my plans here.
Ray: Plans? What do you mean?
Debra: Yeah, for the wedding.
Ray: You're already planning the wedding?
Debra: I've been planning it since I was 12.
Ray: Well, you didn't meet me till you were 22.
Debra: Well, you're the last piece of the puzzle.
Ray: Yeah. You're sure that I fit? You're not like cramming me in there, right?

Quote from Ray

Ray: What if she wanted to say no?
Robert: What do you mean?
Ray: She was in front of the whole family. She had to say yes.
Robert: Come on.
Ray: Plus, I put it in the paper. Oh, no, why did I do that? She couldn't say no. Oh, my God. I am a jackass.
Robert: I think you're supposed to put the accent on the "jack."
Ray: Oh, God, what did I do? I'm like one of those losers at the ball game that rents a blimp. "Oh, marry me, Hilda." Yeah. Hilda can't say no. They'll throw beer on her.

Quote from Frank

Ray: Dad, please, give it to me.
Frank: "As a boy, sports was the only way I could connect with my father. The first game he took me to was at Yankee Stadium when I was eight. Bobby Murcer homered in the ninth to win it. I thought nothing could be more thrilling. Then on the ride home, my father talked to me. He listened. He shared his passion for sports with me. I love sports for many reasons now, but I have to say that what drew me to the games as a young boy was the ride home." What, are you saying I didn't talk to you? What is this? ls that what you're saying?
Ray: All right, Dad. That's not what I'm saying. Now, please, don't read any more.