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Quote from Debra in Six Feet Under

Debra: It was two years ago.
Ray: Well, You never acted like you were having a mid-life crisis.
Debra: Ray, look at me. I am rubbing cream on my hands. Do you know why I'm rubbing cream on my hands?
Ray: Because it's hand cream?
Debra: No, because my skin isn't as soft and smooth as it used to be. Have you noticed?
Ray: Well, I didn't want to say anything-
Debra: Shut up, Ray. That is why every night I take this cream and desperately try to turn back the clock. And even though I know it's a losing battle, I still do it anyway. That is how you have a proper mid-life crisis. You do not start planning your death. You go into denial like a normal person.


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Quote from Frank

Frank: You know what I always wanted to do, Ray? Sing like Tony Bennett.
Ray: Tony Bennett?
Frank: That's right. But look at me. Am I Tony Bennett?
Ray: No.
Frank: You see, you do a thing, and that's what you are. One guy lives in Brooklyn. One guy lives in Sutton Place. Another guy's a lawyer, one guy is a doctor. Another guy dies, another guy gets well, people are born...
Ray: What the hell are you talking about?
Frank: Don't worry so much. You die. You did what you did.
Marie: Frank, stop saying "die." It's obvious Raymond's afraid of dying.
Frank: Well, what am I supposed to tell him? That it's not going to happen? It's going to happen. You're going to die!
Ray: Thank you, Dad.

Quote from Debra

Debra: Well, I just thought that after the kids grow up, it might be nice if, I don't know, we moved upstate and opened a little bed-and-breakfast somewhere.
Ray: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Bed-and-breakfast? What do you mean, like, strangers coming in and out of our house all the time?
Debra: Yes, Ray, strangers. I'd like to try strangers for a change.

Quote from Ray

Debra: Look, just give me the list, all right? I just want to see it.
Ray: Look, just keep in mind, it's not really done yet.
Debra: "Peking duck, goat cheese pizza." What is this?
Ray: I told you, it's goals and stuff.
Debra: These are your goals? These are restaurant specials.
Ray: I've never had the Peking duck.
Debra: So your goal is just to eat things you've never eaten before?
Ray: Not entirely.
Debra: "Enlarged prostate."
Ray: See? That's something that I want to avoid. Not something I wish to eat.