Ray Quote #400

Quote from Ray in Mia Famiglia

Debra: Hey, Ray, you know you might have a relative still living in Italy?
Ray: [flatly] Yeah? Great.
Debra: Hey, you know what? You might be able to use the paper's research facilities to find her. [off Ray's bored look] Come on, she's family.
Ray: [looks at Frank] Wait a minute. Why would we want to locate more of these people?


 ‘Mia Famiglia’ Quotes

Quote from Robert

Debra: Come on. You know a little Italian, don't you?
Ray: Hardly any.
Marie: No, Frank and I only spoke Italian when we were arguing so that the boys wouldn't understand.
Robert: We're almost fluent.

Quote from Frank

Frank: Turn it. Would you turn it?
Ray: No, get out of here.
Frank: Put the other game on.
Ray: Go to your house.
Frank: You don't flip around enough. You don't deserve satellite TV.
Ray: Dad, I'm covering the game for work.
Frank: Oh, jeezalou, you can read about it in the paper.
Ray: You know yet that I'm a sports writer? I am the paper.

Quote from Frank

Ally: Grandpa, will you help me with my homework?
Frank: Nope.
Debra: Frank.
Frank: How else is she gonna learn? Nobody handed me any answers.
Debra: Clearly.